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Important information about our Used Stamps scheme
Volunteer John Wakeford has looked after our used stamp collection scheme for over 9 years, helping to raise much needed funds for our branch. The time has come for John to move on to other things, and we would like to thank him, his team of stamp snippers, and Jane Clarke (who sold many of the used stamps on eBay for us).

If there is anyone who would like to take over running the scheme, please email or call our helpline on 0118 940 3005. Any stamps that are donated to our branch would be passed on to the volunteer, who would arrange for them to be sold periodically to a stamp dealer (we will supply all the necessary information).

For the time being, we would ask that you please hold on to your used stamps, until we have a new volunteer in place for the scheme.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated stamps over the years - we really have raised a great amount of money this way.

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