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Personal Details:

First Name*:
Telephone Number*:
Which State Benefit do you receive?
Are you able to use one of our designated vets (for free neutering)?
If yes, please indicate which one:
Castle (Tilehurst Road) 
Tilehurst (School Road)
Furry Friends (Overdown Road, Tilehurst) 
Oakley (Oakley Road) 
Companion Care (Pets at Home) 
Burghfield Veterinary Surgery
Beechwood Veterinary Centre 
If no, please state which vet in the Reading area you would like to use. We will provide a voucher in part-payment, you will need to pay the balance.
If using a designated vet your cat will be microchipped at the time of the operation unless you check the NO option here.  There is no charge to you for this. No
How many cats to be neutered?
Please indicate the number of males and females. Males


Cat’s name(s) and age(s).
Do any of the cats have health problems? If so, please give brief details.

If female, has she had kittens? If yes, how long ago?

If you do not have homes for all the kittens we may be able to help you. Let us know via this box and we will contact you separate to the neutering.

You will receive confirmation in the mail within about two weeks; please make the vet appointment once you have received our letter.  The voucher will be sent to your designated vet in advance of your appointment.

Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are mandatory.

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