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Has Your Cat Gone Missing?

The following might help you to find him or her:

  • Deliver leaflets to neighbourhood houses and shops, asking people to check their garages, sheds and gardens
  • Put up a notice in the local shops and on community notice boards
  • Phone local vets (we've included a list below). Remember that if your cat was found by someone and was injured they may have taken him/her to a vet, but it may not be the most local vet to you so contact any in your vicinity.
  • Check any empty properties and local garages – your cat may be shut inside
  • Ask dustmen, postmen, milkmen and paperboys if they’ve seen your cat
  • Look under bushes and hedges – if your cat is scared, it will find somewhere to hide
  • If you have another cat, put it in a cat carrier and walk around the neighbourhood with it. The missing cat may respond to the sound or scent. Likewise, if you have a dog, walk around with it to see if the missing cat responds, or the dog may pick up the cat’s scent

When your cat comes home, please have him or her microchipped straight away if it has not been done already! A microchip identifies your cat for life. All veterinary practices and rescue organisations have chip scanners so if your cat is brought in to any of these locations you will be reunited.

Click here to view Veterinary Practices in the Reading Area

Extensive advice, including details of national and regional lost cat registers, can be found on the Cat Chat website.

Send us the details including photos of your cat using this form – we keep a register of lost and found cats. We’ll contact you if we think someone may have found your cat; please let us know if your cat returns home.

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