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Velcro Cats

You’re probably asking yourself, 'What on earth is a velcro cat?'  Well, a velcro cat is one who ‘sticks’ with us for longer than usual. It can be for a number of reasons: maybe they’re not as friendly or pretty as other cats in our care, they might have behavioural or medical problems, and age can be a factor as well - older cats are generally more difficult to home.
So on this page we’re going to turn the spotlight on our less favoured fluffies – could you become attached to one of our velcro cats?

We've used these symbols as a quick guide to each cat’s requirements:

No Cats Prefers not to be with other cats
No Children Prefers no children
No Dogs Prefers no dogs
Quiet Prefers a quiet home
No velcro cats found.

For information about our homing procedure, please click here.

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