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If you’re thinking of giving a home to one of our cats, then we’d love to hear from you! But just before you look at the photos of our lovely fluffies, we’d like to tell you a little about our homing procedure first.

Before we home any cat or kitten, we visit the potential new adopters at home for a chat about the needs of both the cat and themselves.  We work hard to ensure that our cats and kittens are matched with appropriate homes, so we will ask questions about who lives in the house, whether you have children, if there are other pets in your home, and also try to get a feel for your everyday lifestyle – for instance, if you have a busy, lively home with lots of visitors, then a quiet, nervous cat is not going to be suitable!  With very few exceptions (for instance, ‘indoor’ cats) we don’t normally home cats close to busy roads.


If you haven’t had a cat before, please take some time to consider the cost involved. You’ll need to buy food bowls, litter tray(s) and a scoop, and we’d recommend a scratching post too! There’s the cost of food and litter, and annual vaccinations. It’s a good idea to take out pet insurance as well – if your cat is injured or becomes ill, you could face large vet bills. When you go on holiday, you’ll need to pay a pet sitter, or book the cat into a cattery (unless you have an obliging neighbour or family member!). 

Our cats are vet checked to ensure they're in good health and they will have been vaccinated against feline infectious enteritis, cat 'flu and feline leukaemia and they will have been flea and worm treated and microchipped. Adult cats and kittens over five months will have been neutered;. If you adopt a kitten under that age from us, it will be your responsibility to have it neutered at the appropriate time. The cost of this will be approximately 60.00 per cat. Having your kitten neutered is part of your homing agreement and not doing so may result in our taking the kitten back from you.

Cats Please don’t think we’re trying to put you off! Of course we’re not – we’re just reminding you that if you adopt a cat, you are accepting the responsibility to care for its well-being.

Cats Protection is a registered charity and is not allowed to 'sell' our cats and would not wish to. However, we are self funded and have to raise all money we spend to keep going. Therefore we do ask for an adoption fee for any cat homed of 55 for a kitten (i.e. un-neutered cat) and 60 for an adult cat. We will already have spent far more than that on the cat or kitten by the time you adopt it. In fact, the Cats Protection average cost for each and every cat homed is over 200.

We do not display photographs of kittens we have looking for homes because usually kittens are homed very quickly. However, just because you don't see a photo do not assume we don't have any. It is always worth contacting us to enquire.
We don’t have a central shelter, all our cats are looked after by ‘foster mums and dads’ until they are homed.
If you’re ready to give a loving home to one of our cats, have a look at these fabulous felines who all want a second chance at happiness.  These are just some of the cats we have currently looking for homes; not all of our cats are displayed here as some will only just have come into care and have not yet made it to the photo gallery.  Others may just be camera shy but perfect for the right home.
We do not display photographs of kittens we have looking for homes.

We’ve used these symbols as a quick guide to each cat’s requirements:
No Cats
No Children Prefers no children
No Dogs Prefers no dogs
Quiet Prefers a quiet home

These are just a selection of our cats. 
Go to "A Cat" or "A Kitten" if we don't have anything here that catches your eye.

A Cat
Dogs Cats Children Normal Volume

Not all our cats have made it into the gallery yet (Details)

No Dogs No Other Cats No Children Quiet Home

Autumn (Details)

No Dogs No Other Cats Children Normal Volume

Chess (Details)

Dogs Cats Children Normal Volume

Tikka (Details)

Misty and Meg
Dogs Cats Children Normal Volume

Misty and Meg (Details)

No Dogs No Other Cats No Children Quiet Home

Coral (Details)

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