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Have You Found a Cat?

If the cat is in decent condition i.e. no visible injuries please try the following before reporting a found cat to us:

  • Ask your neighbours if anyone knows where the cat comes from – it could belong to someone who has recently moved in
  • Put an advert in the local shop and on community notice boards saying that you’ve found a cat, including a description
  • If possible, try to put a collar on the cat with a note asking the owner to contact you. Make sure the collar is not too tight. Even a paper one, secured with sellotape, will suffice
  • If possible, take the cat to a vet and ask them to scan for a microchip. There is no charge for this service

If the cat does have an injury of some sort or is obviously in very poor condition (please remember some old cats may look thin and not have shiny coats but may also be perfectly happy and have a lovely home) then we recommend you do take it to a vet anyway. They have a duty of care to take in any sick or wounded animal and provide basic treatment. You will not be responsible for any payment as long as you can convince them that you have found the cat and are not its owner.

Remember that most cats will enjoy a free meal. Don’t put down best quality cat food and be surprised that it scoffs the lot. This doesn’t mean that the cat hasn’t eaten for a week!!! Try it with some really cheap brand and if it’s hungry it will eat it. Also remember that if you provide food for it a cat that actually does have a home has less incentive to go back to it.

Please send us the details of the cat, using this form. We will add it to our register of lost and found cats, and try to match it with reports of lost cats. We record details of found cats from any part of Reading and the surrounding area.

If the cat is found in the area that our branch covers, we will also add it to the list of cats to come into our care. HOWEVER our cat cabins are always full; it may be some time before we can take the cat in. If you are able to provide food, water and temporary shelter for the cat (e.g. in a shed or garage) it would be a great help. If you would like to keep the cat if no owner comes forward, please make this clear on the form. If you are able to take a photo of the cat, please send that with our online form.

Please let us know if the cat disappears – it may well have gone home!

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