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Merlin and Nala

No Dogs No Other Cats No Children Quiet Home

PREPARE YOURSELF PEOPLE. Read on and you will be in severe danger of coming over all soft and "ahh bless", so those with a tender disposition had better look away...oh well, perhaps just a peek then!

Merlin and Nala came into care as very much a pair. Though their ages and origins are quite different, they couldn't be closer and love each other to bits. They like nothing better than being together quietly and as near the radiator as they can get! They arrived with us after their previous Best Human Friend was no longer able to look after them.

Black Merlin was originally a stray so no-one knows exatly how old he is, but he's certainly at least twelve. He just lives to make friends, have a fuss and strokes, and make everyone love him. He is described as a lap cat (but not a cuddler), he loves his food (Dreamies an especial treat) and being brushed...ooh, nearly forgot...he purrs like a steam train. He looks at everyone with the most appealing eyes and, trust me, they just melt. On the face of it Merlin might not be the most glamorous cat you could meet but he sure has charm in abundance.

Despite being the younger by some years - she is between four and five - tabby Nala is the shyer of the two and whilst (unlike Merlin), she doesn't invite strokes and fuss, she will be handled briefly and her response is sweet and gentle. There is no aggression in her whatsoever, and we are confident that with time and loving patience she will come out of her shell. She has been a Mum, having had babies not too long before coming to us, but since then she has been spayed. So you can see that her life has had its upheavals in recent months and it's no surprise that she's taking time to find her confidence again.

All Merlin and Nala want now is a loving, patient, quiet and easy-going home, where young children and other pets do not figure. Could you find a space in yours for this black Sorcerer and his shy little Apprentice? It might bring you more magic than you realise.

Could you offer Merlin and Nala a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Merlin and Nala.


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