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Pretty black and white girl, Tikka, would be described in cat terms as being a Domestic Medium Hair which is rather a bland term. I'd call her "fluffy enough around the edges to look like a teddy-bear but not a grooming liability". Yes, I know...I'm a simple soul!

Now, I'd be the first to say that Tikka has that expression on her face as she looks square into the camera, which is rather "don't mess with me". It's probably got something to do with that big white "tick" shape over her eye which makes her look as if she's frowning. You know, like on cartoon characters. It actually makes me smile...a lot. In actual fact Tikka is described as a lovely girl who is very vocal and begs for attention. However, her attention span isn't over-long and there are signs when she has had enough fuss. She is seven years old.

Tikka is obviously a girl of some character and needs a home with a cat-experinced person or persons who would definitely understand, read her signs and let her have her own space at all times. Environments where young children or other pets feature are probably not for her. Are you up for a Charming Challenge? Course you are.

Could you offer Tikka a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Tikka.


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