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Mortimer the Mighty (as can be seen, he's an imposing looking lad) is wearing the red bandage on his leg with pride. Never mind that it clashes somewhat with his beautiful ginger coat - "you'd have thought they could have found me something in a delicate shade of green or blue but who cares, I might start a trend where red and orange is the new black". The bandage means he's just had the big boys' op and a fairly extensive health check-up and is now ready, and very willing I'm sure, to find his new forever home. We think this should preferably be somewhere where he can be the only household cat.

As he came into care (very recently) as a stray, Mortimer's age can only be estimated, and he is thought to be between two and four years' old. Surprisingly for a stray, he settled down to make friends straight away and as can be seen from his photo, he loves a stroke. He has all the signs of turning out to be a lovely, cuddly boy with lots of character.

We are sure that several of you will want to beat a path to our door to meet Mortimer, and you could well be on the receiving end of a Warm Winter greeting if you do.

Could you offer Mortimer a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Mortimer.


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