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Do any of you remember being the last one to be picked for a football/netball/hockey/whatever team at school? Often it had nothing to do with ability, and was just one of those things, but it didn't stop you being disappointed. Similarly there are occasions when one of our adorable cats seems to stay with us for what seems like a very long time and is overlooked when visitors choose a fabulous feline to take home with them. Autumn is such a little cat. You may already have seen her on the website and gone past her, but she's posed so nicely for some new photos so please have another look, and read on.

Autumn is a gorgeous Calico tortoiseshell. It's such a beautiful colour combination of mainly white with splashes of bright ginger and black, and very eye-catching. A new arrival at her previous home shook her confidence badly and it took some time for her to pick up again, during which time she was shy and nervous. However, after patient coaxing she has blossomed again and her carer reports that whilst she can still be wary of new noises and activities, she is a real sweetie who would settle beautifully in a quiet, cat-experienced home where there is time to give to her, as well as being able to read her signs and allow her some space when she needs it

There is a lap-cat lurking in there somewhere and though, for now, Autumn will just walk across a lap and settle briefly, the signs are good for the future. She likes little strokes and loves company, particularly if that involves play. Autumn's favourites are fishing rod style toys, shoe laces, and rolling around on the floor a lot. See her mid-roll in photo for proof! She must be ten years old now but as you can see, she is definitely holding back the years.

Don't get me wrong - Autumn is very happy with her carer but it's not quite the same as having that Best Human Forever Friend, and it would be wonderful if Summer could be the time that Autumn finds her special someone. All she needs is a kind and patient person/s in a child-free environment (and where she could be an only pet) for her to flourish and become such a loyal little companion. The wallflowers will be blooming soon - please take this little wallflower home with you.

Could you offer Autumn a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Autumn.


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