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Well, here we have Albie in all his glory one photo showing all he's got full frontal, including his white bikini bottom. What a wonderful study of Cat-in-Relaxed-Mode. If most of us laid like that for too long we'd never be able to get up again...OK OK I'm speaking for myself.

The Beautiful Black Boy is three years old and joined us at CP when he could not be part of a house move. When he arrived he was very timid and not in the best of states, but now he's a fine figure of a man in A1 condition and with a gorgeous velvet-pile coat.

It has taken a while to bring Albie out but it has been worth the patience because he is now confident, affectionate and playful with his carers and whilst he takes longer to gain confidence with strangers, he is definitely getting there. He adores company and follows his carers around - some endearing features of his repertoire include head rubbing, lying knee to chest, keeping close company whilst watching TV, and spending the night on bottom of bed, bedroom floor or chest of drawers!!

Being a cat in his prime, Albie enjoys playing with his toys and has a very healthy appetite. In fact, so keen is he on his food that an eye is being kept on his intake to make sure his waistline doesn't expand more than it ideally should. He must know we mean well though because whilst he is not at all keen on being picked up and held close, he will tolerate it for his periodic weigh-in. Attaboy. Albie's carers comment that he will make a loyal and affectionate companion. He has had experience of other felines but it's likely he would now flourish best as an only pet in a relaxed and fairly quiet environment. We can't guarantee that he would show you his white bikini line on first meeting because he's rather shy and certainly not a show-off, but it would be fun trying to coax him wouldn't it? Only one way to find out!

Could you offer Albie a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Albie.


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