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Lionel and Tigger

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Look at these two regally handsome felines for too long and you'll be seeing stripes (and some spots) before the eyes! Stunning brothers Lionel and Tigger are four years old and classic type-cast tabbies if ever there was. They came to us when they were unable to be part of a house move.

Lionel (the slightly lighter-coloured boy) is friendly, active and playful. He loves being stroked and whilst he is not so keen on being picked up for a cuddle he will tolerate it. He just loves to eat! His brother Tigger (slightly darker and with even bigger round eyes) is almost a mirror image in looks and temperament but is rather quieter and shyer.

Whilst we do have individual photos of them, we thought you'd like to see this one, which is just a total tangle of tabby temptation. They've helpfully posed against a white background to assist you, but can you spot where one charmer ends and the other begins?

Could you offer Lionel and Tigger a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Lionel and Tigger.


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