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This is an unashamed attempt to pluck at your heartstrings because we are looking for a very-extra-special purrson to take care of little four-year-old Ruffles and love her to pieces. Now, in one of her photos she is shown sitting quietly and happily on her carer's lap, but it has taken a long time to build up Ruffles' confidence enough to do this, even for short periods. Additionally at present she is something of a one-person-cat and trusts only a very few particular people, who have gradually been able to pick her up for short times, during which she can be given a gentle brush. This only lasts for as long as Ruffles' short attention span holds, but is real progress from how she was on first arriving. It is all a question of tiny baby steps, slowly but surely.

Ruffles suffered severe stress problems in her previous home and she appeared quite traumatised at first. She is very much a work in progress with no guarantees of outcome. An "instant" cat she definitely is not, but the sense is that she would prove a loyal companion to someone able to put the time, patience and affection into this most rewarding of "projects". Could you be the one-in-a-million best human friend to continue bringing pretty fluffy Ruffles out into the light?

Could you offer Ruffles a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Ruffles.


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