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Solomon and Sheba

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As promised, we are updating you on the progress of this beautiful dark three year old pair, who came into care because of health problems in their previous home.

Solomon is described as a big, soft, laid-back bundle of fluff! Sounds good to me. His carer enthuses about his endearing little ways which are far too many to list here, but to give you an idea : He likes to sleep...anywhere...and sometimes in places not too ideal for him (like too-small chairs, edges of tables, tops of cupboards and crooks of carers' arms...get the picture?). "Helping" his carer with her paperwork is another and playing with a variety of toys he's "caught" such as scrunched up paper or a hair band. Solomon keeps his fluffy coat in excellent condition himself but also enjoys the grooming gloves his carer uses on him. Oh let's face it, he's adorable.

Sheba in comparison is a pretty, petite, short-haired lady with rather more decorum than her boy companion. She was shy and timid at first and displayed definite stress issues, but since gaining much more confidence she has relaxed and settled down very nicely. Whilst Sheba does not like being picked up, she does enjoy an occasional lap-sit, and particularly likes curling up very close alongside and having fusses and strokes. She adores company and follows her carers around the house to join in any activities.

The Delightful Duo have fun playing with a variety of toys and like sitting on the window-sill together looking out. They sometimes groom each other. Neither is particularly "chatty" but they like to communicate moods with sweet little miaows. Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, of course, they're lovely looking with gorgeous big eyes.

Solomon and Sheba would like a home together where things are fairly relaxed and there are no dogs but they might enjoy the company of sensible, older children who could play with them. Are they going to get one? You bet they are - could be with you perhaps?

Could you offer Solomon and Sheba a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Solomon and Sheba.


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