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Tortie Nutmeg has come on so well since she arrived in care that we need to update you on her progress. Winding back slightly, Nutmeg (who is not much more than a year old) came to us when she became upset and unfriendly after the stress of having kittens, and her behaviour changed. However, since not having to cope with little ones and having been spayed, Nutmeg has blossomed, returned to being a happy and friendly girl and is now concentrating very hard on finding her fabulous forever home.

It took a while to start re-building Nutmeg's confidence but, with patient coaxing, she has delighted everyone with her progress. As part of encouraging her to engage with them, Nutmeg's carers used food treats which started to bring about a break-through until a check at the vets revealed that she ideally needed to lose some weight. Poor Nutmeg - how mean can life get? - but she took it on the chin (or should we say the tum) and accepted the reduced diet. Her carers re-jigged the previously successful food "games" and she eventually started to rub round legs, then accepted chin strokes, and then head fusses, until one day she climbed onto a lap and settled down for a sleep. Bingo! Nutmeg is now a chatty, confident girl and seems quite happy to let anyone offer her a lap, even people she has never met before. The only problem is telling her when it's time to get off!

Nutmeg has worked so hard against the odds to turn herself around and it would be wonderful if this could be rewarded with a happy home where she would be loved and appreciated. It is thought that she would be happiest as an only cat in an environment without very young children, though as a playful young girl she may well appreciate the attentions of older children. As can be seen from her photos, she's such a pretty little purrson with the wonderfully colourful mix of a classic tortie, and could bring just that tiny touch of spice to someone's life. Yours maybe?

Could you offer Nutmeg a loving home? Click here if you are interested in adopting Nutmeg.


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