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Would you like to sponsor a Cat Cabin?
Like branches all over the UK, Reading and District Branch have many foster cats in care at any one time. These cats could be dumped kittens, stray cats, cats abandoned when owners move house, feline victims of divorce settlements, cats whose owners are too old to care for them, sick cats and kittens or those with injuries sustained on the streets and of course some are just no longer wanted.

Many of our cats live with fosterers in their own homes. But in addition to our home fosterers we have the use of Cat Cabins which are spacious pens both in the garden of fosterers but also retained at a local cattery. These cabins provide a secure and comfortable home in which the resident cat or cats can rest and recover while awaiting a loving new home. The cabins have heating, lighting, a raised level where the cats can sit and watch the outside world, plenty of toys to play with, and an enclosed area where they can have some privacy, complete with a comfy bed.

Caring for the cats in our care takes funds. Of course we are very grateful to anyone who donates to us via our Shop or any of our fund raising events. But if you feel you would like something a little more personal then perhaps Cat Cabin Sponsorship is the thing for you.

If anyone would like to sponsor a cat cabin, you can sign up via our website, or ask for an application form either from our Shop or through our helpline on 0118 9403005. The minimum donation we ask is 4 a month via standing order or scheduled PayPal donation, or a yearly sponsorship of 48. Cat Cabin Sponsorship also makes a lovely thoughtful present for someone special. As well as our quarterly newsletter Cat Cabin News, sponsors receive a certificate confirming their sponsorship and recognition at Christmas.

All our Cat Cabins are fitted with lighting and electricity so we can give each occupant a nice warm heat pad in winter.  There are removable outside shutters so that in the heat of the summer the cats have as much air as possible and a chance to experience outside noise and smells. In the winter the shutters protect them from the worst of the elements.
You will need a PayPal account to pay for your sponsorship online. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for a free personal account in the next step.
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